Eleni Giotinis

Bay Area real estate has been an integral part of Eleni Giotinis’s life from day one; a family business that found its place in Miss Giotinis’s personal interests, extra-curricular hobbies, and ultimately, her full-time professional endeavors. A Woodside native, Eleni has a special affinity for supporting her clients as they look to take root in the locale that also serves as her home—a place she is so deeply passionate about. The Peninsula and its surrounding community, after all, provided the backdrop of the path that led Eleni to real estate. In Emerald Hills is the house she grew up in, a home that was always full of friends, family, and love (and delicious Greek food!).
Notre Dame Belmont High School is her alma mater, a place she continues to give back to by being the head of Junior Varsity Basketball Coach. The Lemo Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Redwood City that provided her lessons about hard work and dedication, somewhere she still visits for the occasional weekend scrimmage with friends and fundraisers. Special memories, moments, people and places encompass the neighborhoods that Eleni is eager to showcase to her clients; a reminder that the investment she is guiding them to make is about so much more than a tangible piece of property.
Playing such an intimate part of the buyer’s journey is a privilege to Eleni, and a role she takes with a personal and fully dedicated approach. With her local inside knowledge, keen eye for design, and unmatched enthusiasm for whatever the task at hand requires, she proves herself a valuable partner in helping clients find just what they’re looking for.
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